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Cleaning tip: Chores

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Teaching your kids at an early age to help around the house can relieve you of extra work when it comes to cleaning the house. Simple task such as emptying the trash and picking up their rooms will go a long way. What is the right age to have your kids participate in chores? 2 years old is an appropriate age.

Cleaning tip: Linens

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A part of cleaning the home that people often forget, if to change your bed linens. Remember changing your linens not only makes them clean, but also provides for a peaceful sleep. Try changing you sheets when you can't sleep well, you'll be amazed at what clean sheets can do.

Cleaning tip: Bathroom

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The easiest way to keep the bathtub clean, is to clean it after every use. I know it seems like it would take alot of time but, it take less than 5 mintues to do. Otherwise call us and we will do the job.

Best Practices

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Many people, are not aware that when you use the commode (toilet), it can be very unsanitary to place soiled tissue in the trash can. 1. Germs can and will be spread throughout your home, 2. It can cause your home to have a very foul smell and 3. Insects and rodents will be attracted to your bathroom and your home. For best practices flush all soiled toilet paper and save yourself from unnecessary infestation.

What is home organizing?

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In short it is the prevent of clutter. Before entertaining, do you find yourself throwing thins in the closet, under the bed or any area that it will not be seen? No one wants to entertain with clutter everywhere. Not only does clutter look messy and unappealing but it also takes away valuable space.


Kitchen Organizing- Do all of your appliances sit out and take up counter space? Do food items take up cabinet space? Does everyone in the house use the kitchen as a convenient place to throw personal belongings?


Organizing Family and Living Rooms- Does your family and living rooms can provoke anxiety for many people. With all of the entertainment technology available, people tend to fill these rooms with VCRs, televisions, stereos, speakers and all of the forms of media to go with each: videotapes, CDs, cassettes, etc. Quite a bit of clutter can accumulate.


Bathroom Organizing- Whichever bathroom is most easily accessible for guests is the one that will need the most help. A person's bathroom tells you a lot about them. Besides having it clean, it should be neat and orderly.


Dining Room Organizing- There shouldn't be clutter in this room. If there is, it should be cleared out and stored elsewhere, clutter will take away from the formality and ruin the atmosphere.



Laundry Room Organizing- If a laundry room isn't closed off from any of these areas or is located in or around any of these rooms, look at it with a critical eye. Chances are it will appear unattractive and messy.


Closets- If you don't know where anything is in your closets or cabinets, and you keep buying the same thing over because you dread looking for it, then you are in definite need of organizing.

Cleaning tip:

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 When cleaning the bathroom the toilet is one of the most important. Many people clean the inside of the bowl and forget about the outside. Imagine this, a guest comes to you home, they ask to use the rest room as they look at your commode, they see settled urine on the base of the commode streaming down the sides of the bowl. Not a good sight right? Cleaning the outer bowl and base of the toilet makes for a more sanitary and welcoming pass time.

Clutter vs. Dirt

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The first step to understanding if your home needs cleaning or organizing is to know the definition of these two words, CLUTTER and DIRTY. Clutter is a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass, a space that is crowded. Dirty is a state where things are covered or marked with an unclean substance.


Now that we have differentiated the two, it is important to know that although you may have both, one has to be done before the other can be tackled. To get to the real “nitty gritty” of dirt and or grime all clutter must be removed.


Get Rid Of The Clutter

A cluttered house looks and feels dirty. If you have many figurines piled up on your dresser, even if the area is cleaned, the room will still the feel crowded. Even make up that is stacked up on the bathroom counter is still a sore eye because the area is crowded. The first step to a clean house is to rid it of the clutter. That means toss newspapers, magazines and junk mail, don’t let it build up. Find or create spaces for things and put them away.

Discard- Getting rid of items are one of the hardest thing for us to do, this is because so many things that we have we have a connection to; however, we can’t allow them to get in the way of cleanliness. Get boxes and label them; keep, trash, give away, donation and or consignment. Once you have done this never look back.


1. Clear a surface. Find at least one cluttered surface, like a coffee table or dresser top, and completely clear it of all clutter, swiftly dumping any trash.

2. Toss old magazines. Go through your home and gather any old magazines or newspapers you've already flipped through.

3. Pick through a junk drawer. Whatever you can't identify or will never use should gets tossed.

5. Toss anything expired. Go through your fridge and medicine cabinet, gathering anything perishable that has expired. A good day to do this is on garbage day, so you those things will go out with the trash.

6. Dump junk mail. Quickly go through your pile of mail and dump anything that is clearly junk mail.

7. Put things away. Put things up in their proper spaces or create spaces for them.


Get Rid Of The Dirt

Why do we clean our homes? Our parents taught us or we just think it looks better? Well the truth is a clean home is a healthy home. Your home should be a healthy place for your family to dwell in; surely we would not want anyone to come down with anything right? If your home is dirty, it can attract mice, ants and all kind of rodents you never planned for. You can have more serious issues such as mold which are all very unhealthy to have in your home.

Your home should be cleaned at least once a week, to ensure it a healthy living space. Here is an easy checklist.

1. Kitchen- Clean, sanitize and deodorize surfaces

2. Bathrooms- Clean, disinfect, sanitize and deodorize surfaces, scrub showers and toilet.

3. Bedrooms- Change linens, dust and clean surfaces (vacuum or mop)

4. All other living areas- Clean, dust and clean surfaces (vacuum or mop).

Remember when you relieve your home of clutter; you make room to clean your home, so first things first. Besides relieving your home of cutter, you will find out you have more space than you thought.



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Cleaning is a way to demonstrate pride in ownership. A home and its contents are investments; money spent on something you really love or really need. When you take the time to clean thoroughly and properly, you can maintain and prolong the life of the item or finish for years. Further, it means you live in a cleaner and healthier home; less dust, dust mites, allergens, odors and dirt.