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 Our Business Services

The following is an abbreviated list of the services we provide. If there is something not contained on the list, we will do our best to accommodate you, please contact our office at 281-591-9335.

Professional Offices

Clean lobbies, main entrances and balconies

Clean and disinfect kitchens, cafeterias and bathrooms

Clean office areas and elevators

Clean stairwells, exterior stairs and landings

Polish and shine chrome, brass and all bright work

Builders and Construction

Maid Service by local Prescreened Maids and Janitors

Pre-construction cleanup

Clean and disinfect kitchens, bathrooms and tiles.

Clean and polish chrome, brass and bright work

Clean marble & hardwood floors, tile ceramic floors and carpets

Clean landings balconies and decks

Building Maintenance and Janitorial Office Cleaning & Maids


Clean hotel lobbies, main entrances, balconies and stairwells

Clean and disinfect hotel kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, bar areas and guest suites

Clean and disinfect hotel laundry rooms

Make Beds and do laundry

All of the services provided to private homeowners are also provided to Real Estate Agents or Brokers, Property Management Companies, Construction Contractors, and Builders. These services are offered to builders and other corporate accounts at special volume rates.

Please call for an estimate 281-591-9335

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