Clean By Design

Maid Placement


Want One time, Short Term or Long Term Housekeeper?

We provide

Laundry Service      Cooking Service      Maid Service

Live in/out Housekeeper     Cleaning Service     Clutter Organizing


Our Candidates are placed based on job specification, location, certificate(s), training pesonality types and pay rates.  Clients are given information about candidates and copies of IDs and social security cards.


Candidates must have experience I his or her field, resume references and a good criminal background check.  Candidates are interview by the owner and manager, then  those who are qualified are entered into our database.  All client and candidate information are kept in a confidential file in our office.


  • Long Term processing application fee is $160.00:  (interview, background check, resume check, reference check, personality test, drug test and photo ID check.)   

Payroll and Hourly Rates

We are firm believers than employees are paid well they work well (call for pay rates).  Employees generally work a minimum of 4 hours per job or per day.  After, ninety days you are free to employ the maid permanently.  


Service is provided to Houston and surrounding cities (metro area).


Payment is due in full the day that candidate shows up for work, if you are not pleased with your candidate, you must notify us within 10 days.  If candidate cannot be replaced you will be reimbursed  50% of your placement fee.


Our job is to refer candidates based on your specifications, therefore we are not responsible or liable for employees you hire .  Once placement is complete candidates become your your "employee" and your "responsibility."  Clients are still responsible for compensating employee if they are dismissed within 10 days.