Clean By Design

Residential Services

Clean By Design provides customized cleaning services that are available daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and once in a while -- whatever you need. We do houses, apartments, new construction, model homes.  Each home is custom priced in the presence of the homeowner to ensure the cleaning will meet your needs and budget.

Service cost varies depending on the location, size of the home, condition of the home and frequency of the cleaning scheduled. After an initial cleaning, service after that will be reduced, depending on the conditions mentioned above. Other services are available and will be priced based on the size, condition and location of the home. Please call the office for estimates or specific pricing information.

Initial Home Cleanings: First-time house cleanings can take 4-6 hours to clean depending on the size and how much work is involved. This gives us the opportunity to do a detailed clean of your home.  

Maintenance House Cleaning: (Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) 

One Time House Cleaning

Move-in/Move-Out Cleans One

Time Thorough House Cleanings

Spring/Fall House Cleaning Service

Before/After Party Cleaning and Party Assistance: call or email us for a free estimate.

New Construction Clean Up : Please call or email us for a free estimate.

Rental Property Cleaning Services: Includes inside refrigerator/oven and inside windows.

 Add on House Cleaning Services

Refrigerator/freezer cleaning


Windows:  We hand clean all windows with sudsy ammonia for a streak free shine.



Dishes (wash by hand and put away or pots and pans)

 Additional Services                                             

 Maid Placement 



Model Homes

New Construction