Clean By Design


Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!  When I got home, I was
extremely pleased to find that you cleaned everything the way I would
have cleaned it myself!  I have tried several cleaning services and
they always miss one or two things each time they clean and that is
extremely frustrating.  So, it was very nice to see that you were very
thorough and cleaned my home as if it were your own.  I appreciate your
hard work and I look forward to seeing you next month.

Thank you very much!
Kelly, Cypress TX 

 "This was the best cleaning service I've ever experienced! My home looks amazing. They paid attention to every detail in my home. They made sure that EVERYTHING was done to my liking. There was no "rush job" here. The work performed was very high quality and the staff was VERY professional. I am very pleased with this company."


Tara, Houston TX

"Very professional. Prices were comparable to other services. They really took their time cleaning. I will use the service again. "

Houston, TX

 "They really listened to me and made sure I was happy with there job. My house looks great. "

Houston, TX